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That's right. You might be walking around your neighborhood, building something in your backyard, or raising your kids, and suddenly, you come up with a new idea that would make your work easier. Sometimes, you chuckle because you think you can't materialize those innovative ideas and decide to ignore them.

buy your idea

As you'll see in most idea submission pages, some companies have vague descriptions about how they handle submissions, while others will provide little to no information unless you contact them privately.

It will also depend on what type of idea you have. Some innovative ideas can't form the basis of a startup, so you can submit them with an agreement that the company may disclose or use the idea. But if the idea is viable for a business, consider other channels first.

If you have an app idea, you can always find a good developer, graphic designer, or virtual assistant on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and they may not charge as much as some firms would. But be careful with these platforms since you can also get scammed.

Just make sure you research what area they haven't covered, present the idea in the best way possible, and patent it before pitching it to them. Since they own unsolicited ideas upon submission, signing an NDA would be a good way to make sure you get paid for your ideas. You also need to be patient as they review your invention.

If you have an idea in line with the products they manufacture, you can submit product ideas to their team, and they'll review it and get back to you. It can take up to 8 weeks, and the payment can vary, so be patient and see a patent lawyer or any other consultant for advice on pitching your product ideas.

Allstar Innovations is one of the best places to submit your ideas. They have more than 2 decades of experience and have launched some of the most successful products, such as Debbie Meyer Green Bags, Snuggie, and Vanity Planet.

They also work with Walmart, Amazon, and many other retailers and wholesalers, giving your new ideas a higher chance of success. All Star Innovations accepts product ideas in over 25 categories, including automotive, lawn and garden, storage ideas, beauty, pet products, bed, etc.

They are among the most popular companies dealing in industrial tools, trade tools, and home tools. And they are always looking for new ideas and innovative ways to make the jobs of those who use their tools easier.

If you have an idea, you can submit it by clicking the button below, and they'll respond promptly. As you'll see on their submission page, they advise their applicants not to disclose the name or too many details of the invention in the application email or online form.

BD is a leader in the healthcare sector thanks to its partnerships with several innovators and stakeholders whose goal is to improve healthcare, and you can join them too. For more information about their idea submission program, read the BD Idea Submission Brochure.

Wilson Sporting Goods is always looking for new ideas. Who knows? Your invention could be the next big thing in the sports industry. But before submitting your invention on the submission form, make sure you read and understand their terms and conditions to avoid any issues in the future.

Launched in the 1800s, Proctor & Gamble is one of the largest consumer goods brands with branches worldwide. They manufacture a wide range of consumer products for use in the bathroom, kitchen, personal hygiene, and general household applications. You probably already have some of their products on your shelf.

Your idea doesn't have to be a state-of-the-art invention, though. It can be a new business model, a new packaging method, or a new manufacturing method. You can even check the types of ideas they are looking for and tailor your ideas to their needs before you submit your idea.

Invention City is one of the best things that ever happened to inventors. Launched in 1986, they offer licensing deals upon approval, allowing you to earn royalties from your inventions for up to a decade.

Do you love spending your time outdoors? Be it camping, hiking, etc.? If you are, and you think you have ideas that could improve your outdoor experience, Coleman specializes in outdoor recreation products and is one of the companies that buy ideas.

They only accept patented ideas. So, ensure you go through the proper channels to get a patent and don't apply while it's still pending since they won't accept your submission. They also accept manufactured products, where they can allow you to use their brand on your products.

Like Wilson Sporting Goods, Escalade Inc. has made a name for themselves in the sports equipment, outdoor, and fitness industry. To stay ahead of the rest, they are always accepting new ideas about products or services that they can offer.

Since they have several products and have branches in several countries, they could use your help in coming up with new technical or non-technical ideas to widen their scope or improve the consumer experience in the areas they are already distributing. You can even suggest naming and marketing strategies.

In a world where some kids prefer video games to physical activities, Play With A Purpose has carved a niche in manufacturing the best ideas in physical activity toys. These are toys that will encourage children to run, jump, catch, and learn balancing skills through active play that they can use in sports and other activities.

Whether you are a patent holder, have a pending patent application, or have no patent but have registered the idea, they are willing to work with you. If you want to start a company instead, they can provide support, mentorship, and resources through the Henkel innovation partnership program if you allow them to own a percentage of your company in the licensing deal.

Are you an inventor in the woodworking industry? Don't let your ideas go to waste. Instead, submit them to FastCap, a renowned company in the industry. FastCap produces a wide range of products, from the hardware used in making wooden products to safety gear, and they get most of their ideas from idea submissions.

They're pretty picky, though. Most of the submissions made don't get approved. According to a statement on their website, only 1 out of 100 submissions are accepted, and only 1 in 1000 have a chance of being a home run. So, make sure you've thought everything through, and you're almost certain your idea can be a home run before you submit your idea.

Mustang Survival strikes a balance between helping recreational and military users, as well as water rescue professionals, explore and utilize the marine environment without damaging it. As such, they are always glad to accept any business idea that can help improve their products.

While they prefer patented product ideas, as part of the idea submission process, you can submit new ideas for a non-patented invention if you agree to sign a New Product Non-Disclosure form. For your idea to be accepted, it has to be;

These include plant-based plastic cups, paper containers made from recycled materials, utensils, and even kids' toys. In a world where non-bio-degradable materials are everywhere, finding an original idea for environmentally friendly options isn't easy.

This sports training products company is always looking for the next creative idea on footwear, hunting, outdoor accessories, gender-specific or age-specific apparel, and wearable tech to add to their pro performance sports range. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will get a response on whether they liked your idea or not.

An average person can spend 1 to 2 hours in the kitchen every day. Think of all the times you were in the kitchen and wished you had a tool that could do a task more easily or more efficiently. If you have, start writing those ideas down since companies like New Soda will pay for them.

New Soda is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen gadgets. And the best thing about them is most of their kitchen gadgets come from idea submissions. If you've got kitchen tool ideas that are useful, unique, and economically viable, New Soda is willing to pay you on a royalty basis. Submit a detailed written description of your idea through the company website.

If you've got a great idea in the pet niche, they might be your perfect idea buyer. If your idea fits the bill, just make sure you have applied for a patent since they will not sign a non-disclosure agreement if you submit your idea.

Earning from your ideas has never been easier, thanks to companies like Quirky. They've made a name for themselves by taking inventors' ideas, turning them into products, and sharing the profits with the inventors.

You can actually make a living launching apps, websites, and other types of businesses and selling them on this platform. Flippa has thousands of willing buyers, and your business can sell for thousands or even millions of dollars.

This is a collection of brands that manufacture environmentally friendly food preparation tools, kitchenware, houseware, and food items that can help your food taste better. And they can incorporate your new idea, too, if they find it viable.

If you've found a new way to help, kids appreciate science, and Thames& Kosmos may be a good fit. They manufacture science kits, board games, and craft kits that help kids learn math, construction technology, biology, chemistry, and many other science subjects. If submit your idea and it aligns with their products, they will reach out to you for further discussion and maybe even a partnership.

If you're passionate about food but lack the resources or know-how to launch your own food line or develop your unique idea, you can try General Mills. General Mills is one of the largest multinational consumer foods companies in the US and worldwide. Did you know that General Mills was the first to introduce cheerios?

You can submit an idea related to the products they manufacture. Since it's a huge company with over 100 brands, there will be a lot of competition, and it's possible that they may be already working on some of the ideas people suggest. 041b061a72

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