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Century Gothic Font Download ^NEW^ For Openoffice For Windows

4. Add a font to your OpenOffice installation. Go to File > Options, and select Application Options. Select the Fonts tab. Choose Add, point to the file you want to add, and click the Select button. Choose the font you downloaded.

Century Gothic Font Download For Openoffice For Windows

The last font category worth examining is the Popular Options tab, found below the Manage Display menus. Here youll find a number of fonts that are on Windows and Mac OS X systems by default. However, they arent installed on your Mac, so if youre trying to get one of the fonts in the Mac Selection, youll be out of luck. A note about the font in this example below. Fortuna on Mac OS X, Windows, and Android is Apple's solution to Microsofts bogus default font conspiracy. And to be clear, its also a good choice for your Mac desktop. Macs generally use Helvetica instead of this font. It makes me laugh when people google the webcomic Friday or consider trying to find a font that looks similar to Cartoon Sushi. The font Fortuna is good for invitations, for example.

2. Open the downloaded file and expand the font to a folder. Go to File > Open, select the font file, click Open, and then locate the folder you extracted the font from. Then, expand that folder to a folder on your Mac or Windows desktop.

4. Select your default application for the font. A handy trick that can get you past this step quickly is to copy the font file you extracted in Step 2 into its own folder on your desktop. Now, select the OpenOffice application that you use to open files in the font you want to use and navigate to that folder. Windows users, you can use this folder for all your fonts. Mac users can select fonts from the open a file with option in the application or navigate to the appropriate folder by clicking File > Open and choosing the folder name. Then, select the font you want to use. The selected text will appear in the highlighted font. Close the document window and the font will be set, but youll have to restart OpenOffice, as some programs dont save changes like this.

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