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Buy Omega De Ville

Omega Deville Tresor can boast with its innovative design intended for the new generations and genuinely modern and sophisticated touch in addition to the obvious inspiration that can be traced back into the past models.

buy omega de ville


Kaia Gerber, who is a brand ambassador has collaborated with Omega Tresor and designed a camo strap in two versions for the De Ville model. You can choose between beige and blue colors, and two widths corresponding to the sizes of the cases in the Tresor edition from 2018. What is common for all the timepieces from the Omega Deville Tresor are: the curves along with the case, which is diamond-paved, and the integrated diamond in the crown. To get the look of luxury the crown has been polished with "HyCeram" in red color. The dial features Roman numerals which are embossed or transferred and slim hands for time expression.

However, what makes this watch as well as the other models from the Deville collection truly incredible is the co-axial caliber 8929 and that represents the most-sophisticated hand-wound movement that has 60 hours of power reserve. It is a real standout. The watch dials are legible and sharp. This phenomenal movement of the caliber is on display and can be observed together with the three bridges that are supporting the movement.

When talking about this particular collection of Omega, what we can certainly verify is the high-quality standards of timepieces that always stand for this brand name. Being an incredibly large collection the price range of the watches varies from 4500 dollars to 20.000 dollars. By purchasing one of the timepieces from Omega Deville Tresor you are making a lifetime investment that complements your style and adds a luxurious comfort on your hand. The timepieces offer true value for the money and represent a benchmark that presents a real challenge for the competitors. If interested in checking all the available models from this collection make sure you click on the Omega Deville Tresor at 041b061a72

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