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High School DxD New

High School DxD New ===>

High School DxD New

I am still amazed at how well I've taken to this show. Unlike the first season, I dove straight into this one as soon as it was available, and there is little cause for regret; High School DxD New is still a hell of a lot of fun. The main conglomeration of reasons for why I liked the original show was that it struck a nice balance of pervertedness, characterisation and story. And in High School DxD New, Issei is still hilariously perverted. It's almost impossible to get the guy to shut up about breasts or women's bodies in general. In fact, it's probably going to get even more intense from here, since he will blather on about touching boobies right in the middle of battles with rather severe consequences should they lose.And while it hasn't been forever since I watched said season, DxD New still managed to catch me a bit off guard with the sheer amount of fanservice. The ladies here are NOT shy about baring their bodies, and with one after the other falling for Issei's charms, that number grows steadily as it goes along. I suspect Issei's bed might break some time during the third season due to the combined weight of all the girls moving in with him and visiting his bedroom at night.It still sounds dumb -- a rather typical male fantasy if there ever was one -- but the key here is still delivery, helped immensely by the dub simply going with it and having fun in the process. There are no mismatched voices in this show, and they all go to town with gusto and the big book of sexual slang, and it's just a hoot to hear. It also helps that while Issei is a huge pervert and not shy about voicing his inner thoughts. Yet despite this, he's still strangely honorable about it all; he wakes up with naked girls almost piled on top of him, but he doesn't really take advantage of the situation despite his numeral proclamations otherwise. Basically, one of his big missions in life is to touch Rias' breasts (actually... starting this season, he's taking that mission a step further), yet he resolutely refuses to do so unless he has her explicit permission. It's nice, because if he was a man of less scruples, he would already have done so in at least one of the several times he has woken up and literally found her naked breasts right beside his face. Weird, right Yes, but also appreciated.While on the subject of appreciation, I was also grateful that the show chose to go into some of its supporting cast. As far as I can remember, Koneko got her past explained in the first season (to an extent), and in this season, it's Kiba Yuuto's turn to unload his childhood trauma on us, something the show actually does rather effectively, strenghtening the bonds between the characters in the process and turns him into something more than just a prettyboy for Issei to be measured against. We even learn a little bit more about Akeno, which lead to a rather sweet scene later in the show. Some of you who read my review of the first season might also remember me mentioning the angelic side of the equation, and me wondering how they would be represented, since the devils -- you know, the people who are supposed to corrupt and condemn us to an eternity of torment -- are portrayed in the show as honorable and kind, and even more so carrying a sense of loyality about them. Well, this season must have heard my... uh... prayers ...because it introduces and embellishes the HELL out of said aspects to the show, and by that extent, just how complicated the whole setup really is. From the side of God, whose prayers resident sweetheart Asia sent on a regular basis, we meet with arch angel Michael, and his general personality and behavior might actually be received rather well by whichever Christian viewers who choose to watch this show. He's actually generous and kind; certainly not any worse off than the devils from house Gremory, and his meetings with the devils and some of the partitions among the fallen are heartening, if really bizarre to

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